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Booking Information

Early morning flights 

  • Pick up and return from our meeting point in Cooroy (outside the cafe Jamaica Blue Cooroy)
  • Traditional Champagne toast (or orange juice!) 
  • Delicious local cafe breakfast 
  • Photos

Exclusive Flights

  • Private, couples’ and proposal flights can be organised for you to cater for whatever personal occasion you are celebrating.
  • You can book those online and contact us directly to fine-tune your experience.

Other important flight information  

  • Our online booking process makes it easy for you to organise and plan your ballooning experience.
  • All passengers must ensure that they have read and understood our Terms and Conditions and the Insurance Waiver before flying.
  • As a requirement of flight, all passengers must be able to get in and out of the basket unaided. 

Fly with Us

Sunshine Coast Ballooning was founded in 2019 by a group of enthusiastic aviators, combining over 50 years of aviation experience, thousands of flight hours and multiple licences held not only in ballooning, but also fixed wing aviation and skydiving.

The fascination with Hotair Ballooning is that each flight is different, even when taking off from the same spot and landing in the same area. 

It is a bit like sailing in the 3 dimensional space and working with the wind as your main form of navigational option, balloon pilots more than any other pilot are excited about the challenge to use the earliest form of human flight in these modern times.

I am looking forward to flying with you, your family and friends.

Jonathan Oehm – Chief Pilot

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